The Philippines Can Be Greater Than Canada

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“Hey everyone, this is Dexter D. Black. I appreciate you joining me today.

I want to talk about Canada, but really this video is going to go out to the Nation of the Philippines and I’d like to reach out to all the Filipinos that live in the Philippines and the ones that have left the Philippines. The Filipino, this video is for you. I want you to learn something here and catch the vision.

Every month I get a news letter from The Essential Edge from Young Living Essential oils, which I am an (Independent) Distributor of. I get this with my order every month. It’s a very informative news letter. I wanted to read this article to you and I’ll tell you why after I read it. But just bear with me, I’d like you to hear it.

“Young Living Canada Region Update”

” Young Living Canada added a new reason to celebrate the 2018 holiday season with the second Canadian Convention, which took place last November in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event united 3,000 members for our YL Canada family, who came together to learn, share, and celebrate ‘The Future You.’

CEO Mary Young attended the convention, where she inspired attendees and emphasized the importance of showing gratitude by loving and supporting one another. She also reminded members that they have the power to motivate others by example. “what defines you as a leader is how you make someone else feel,” she told the crowd.

Along with treating attendees to motivational speakers and special performances, Young Living Canada launched 15 limited-edition holiday collections. Launches included the eagerly anticipated Advent Calendar, which sold out in 48 hours. The collections and calendar accounted for $3.8 million USD in total sales and played a large role in Young Living Canada experiencing its first million-dollar sales day in 2018.

The weekend of the Canadian Convention was full of product launches, uplifting keynotes, and holiday cheer; it was also brimming with the opportunity to discover, grow, and celebrate Young Living Canada’s bright future.

The convention wasn’t the only thing Young Living Canada celebrated during fourth quarter. It also wrapped up 2018 with two new Royal Crown Diamonds and four new Diamonds. What a wonderful way to finish the year! We’re excited to see what our Canadian members accomplish in 2019!”

Well, I’m excited to see what the Philippines will accomplish in 2019! We need (Independent) Distributors from the Philippines. I’m looking for Distributors to join me, and Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential oils. I have a vision that the Philippines can be just like or greater than what Canada’s been doing. Canada had their own convention. Now every year the United States has a convention, in different spots. I believe this year it’s back in Utah. And that is where all the Distributors all get together and meet and have a celebration, learn about new products and hear from keynote speakers and so forth. This event in Canada had 3000 members. That’s a lot of people getting together at once. That’s an event of their own aside from the U.S. event. And did you get this? That they ah had two new Crown Royal Diamonds which is the highest rank that you can achieve in Young Living. *The average Royal Crown Diamond makes over a Million Dollars a year. Seems impossible right? But its happened in Canada. And they have gotten four new Diamonds. They have Diamonds already in Canada, and they already have some other Royal Crown Diamonds already in Canada too. These are just talking about the new ones. So the possibilities are there for the Philippines. I like what Mary Young said to the attendees: “What defines you as a leader is how you make someone else feel.” And “The importance of showing gratitude is by loving and supporting one another.” To me, in my opinion (I’m a little prejudice because my wife is Filipina) but to me there is no one better to show loving gratitude than the Filpino people to each other and to others because I’ve experienced it for myself. I’ve been to the Philippines before I was married to my wife and of course, I am married to a Filipina as I’ve mentioned and I know the people care about each other. I know they are very family oriented, and friend oriented. When you see pictures of Filpino’s you rarely see a picture (especially in the Philippines) of just one Filpino in a picture unless it’s for a High school shot of a person graduating. Other than that, you are seeing groups of people together. It’s because you are people oriented. It’s because you like to get out and socialize, and visit one another and care for one another. I can’t think of a better people to join Young Living than the Filpino people. I mean the need is there. Financial need is there. There’s so many people that need a greater income and are looking for a greater income. The health aspect is there. When you run across people that are Filpino and they are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, Young Living Essential Oils is there for them. We started out in Young Living Essential oils. We have a base station there in the Philippines now, so we are definitely set to do business in the Philippines. Now it’s just a matter of people joining us, joining me and my wife in building a team! And creating a community. That’s easy for Filpino’s because they are used to creating communities. Get all together, have fun. Make it a fun time. Just get together once a month and get the other Distributors that join you, get together, share tips, have dinner together, and just have a great time. And build a team and make it big, *create that residual income and get more healthy through Young Living Essential Oils. It’s a wonderful company, a wonderful *opportunity that every person that is in the Philippines that is looking to make extra money, that is looking to live a healthy lifestyle, this company is for them, in my opinion. So if you are Filpino or Filpina I’m going to leave a link down below (in this blog) and you can check it out, learn a little more about Young Living and if it seems like it’s for you, I’d like you to get back with me.

I appreciate you watching today and wish you a very very blessed day. Thank you. “

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