The Power Of Nuts (Not the Human Kind)

Nuts make a great snack and now there are even more reasons to eat nuts.

A new study found that just 1 ounce of nuts almost every day- either tree nuts or peanuts-can significantly lowers your risk of death from heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and diabetes. But don’t overdo it! These health benefits seem to peak at about five or six 1-ounce servings per week.

This is especially important to know and act upon because according to the American Heart Association 1 in 3 of women die from heart disease and stroke each year.

Source: BMC Medicine

Walnuts can increase good gut bacteria according to research done at Louisiana State University. Also, walnuts can lower your cravings.

Walnuts could also help keep your blood pressure low when you’re feeling anxious. This is due to the alpha-linolenic acid that is found in walnuts.


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