The Promised Land- Will You Take it?

Many of us are slaves and don’t even realize it. We are slaves to money and slaves to our job. Sure, we get paid, but we are bound like a man in handcuffs, just barely getting by. Working in a place that you really don’t belong, to collect a check that really isn’t enough. There were some people in ancient times just like this named Israel.

In the Bible, the people of Israel were slaves to the Egyptians. They were delivered out of Egypt by God through Moses and was promised a land that flows with milk and honey. They were scared and at first wanted to go back to Egypt. They thought they were going to die outside of Egypt. They figured it would be better to be a slave than being killed by the Egyptians or starve out in the wilderness. They traveled through the wilderness for quite some time and then they got to the border of the Promised Land. They sent spies into the land to see what this land really was. They came back with such large fruits they had to carry them on poles. Giant fruits! The land indeed was good as God had promised them the spies declared. There’s only one problem. There are Giants in the land. They started explaining how big these Giants were and how little they were. They said it would be impossible to take the land that God promised them because of these Giants. Only two men believed out of them all that it would be possible. So since the majority believed the negative report, they left the border of the promised land and they ended up marching around the wilderness until the first generation died out and their kids became adults.  The only two that survived from the first generation were the two men that believed God that they could take the land. They became leaders. Once again, they went to the border with this new generation and this time took action and started conquering the people’s of the land that God promised them. They obtained the promised land!

Are we not just like Israel was back then? We are in a land (a job) that we dislike or even hate, but we put it with it because we get a check for our work. We work year after year thinking and hoping things will get better. We get a few raises that barely keep up with inflation and we just keep spinning our wheels wondering what can we do. And just like Israel, we are shown we can be free, but we are scared. Scared to take that step into the promised land because we know it’s true, but we also know it’s not going to be easy because there are giants we will have to overcome. Some return to the wilderness and die not ever seeing the goodness of the promised land. Others take action and believe and go and fight and conquer the giants and obtain their promised land.

*Through Young Living essential oils, there is a promised land. A land full of milk and honey. A way of life that you always dreamed of. Financial freedom, time freedom, health freedom. I’m showing you the way like Mosses showed Israel. See the goodness of what people are already making in Young Living right here:

When you click on the link above, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the average income people are making. I’ll list their ranks and their average monthly income here too:



Rank                     Average MONTHLY Income

Star                       $75

Sr Star                 $235

Executive           $502

Silver                 $2088

Gold                   $5666

Platinum          $13,872

Diamond         $35,348

Crown Diamond    $66,477

Royal Crown Diamond $144,511


Would it make a difference in your life if you could work your job still and work this business part time and make $235 more a month? Or how much of a difference would it be if you made just $502 more a month or $2088 more a month, on top of your job’s paycheck? What kind of bills would you be able to pay off, or the type of car you could buy, or house?  Most would be able to quit their job at the level of Platinum and I’d say 97% of people would be able to quit their jobs at the level of Diamond.

*Freedom! That’s what I’m talking about. Are you ready to take your first step into the promised land? Yes, there will be giants, but you can overcome just like many already have. Remember, the above income numbers are real. Real people are getting paid this amount of money listed above each month. You can too, if you believe you can.

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May your days be filled with good health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love,






Dexter D Black

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