Think Small and Act Small

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I know Tony Robbins talks about massive action to get things rolling fast. For those that are used to taking massive action steps, it’s great advice, but for those just starting a new habit or goal, perhaps there is a better way…by thinking small and acting small. Let me explain:

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Thinking too big stops a lot of people from acting. For example, you think about the homeless and how you could possibly help. Your mind races to just how many homeless there is in your city, your State, and the World. Then you may say to yourself “I’m just one person, what could I possibly do to help this situation, it’s way too big for me. And you give up before you even get started. You’re frozen in your tracks. The truth is though you can act without being an ‘activist’.” What if you started by simply growing your own garden, and giving away to a local food shelter any excess fruits or vegetables you’ve grown to a local food shelter? See this story for more inspiration:

Photo by Yukie Emiko on Unsplash

The same goes for any goal. For example: You want to get your body in shape. So you weigh yourself then lookup for your height and gender how much you should weigh and find you’re 70 pounds overweight. 70 pounds…wow! “How am I ever going to lose that weight?” you ask yourself… then the mind goes on talking to itself “That’s a lot of weight…I don’t know how I’m ever going to lose THAT MUCH weight! Then it might do one of two extremes. It will either have you join and gym and you decide to work out every day for an hour. You hit the gym hard and you are doing great for a week, maybe even two and then ‘life gets in the way’. Your body is too sore, you didn’t know it was going to be this hard, it takes too long, the results aren’t fast enough and you either just stop going, or find you barely go anymore. Or the other extreme response might be “I could never lose that much weight, I give up.” and you don’t do anything to improve your weight. Instead, think small and act small. Do what is called “Anchoring”. It’s connecting a new habit you want to form with an old one. So, you know you need to get more active in producing the weight you want for your body. So what you do is say okay, I’m going to start out by doing five push-ups (or whatever your number is) and I won’t take a shower (a daily habit you already do) until I do 5 push-ups. That’s called “Anchoring” and it creates small action, but the key is it creates immediate action right away towards your goal. You slowly increase that exercise to planks. You now do perhaps 10 push-ups and add planking to it. (You might as well since you’re already on the floor anyhow, right?) You start doing x amount of time planking. You get the idea, now I’m sure. You keep adding to the anchor until you’ve reached the desired time to exercise every day, giving yourself one day off a week for rest. (By the way, if your body is getting sore from exercise Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream works great!)

So I hope you can see how thinking small and acting small to start a new goal or activity works to get you started. Once you are in the habit of creating goals and taking action on them, you may get to the point where you can do massive action goals and activities on a consistent basis. But until then, think small and act small. It works.

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