Too Many Zits On Your Face? Try These Tips

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First, let’s look at what can cause pimples:

Bacteria in your skin, inflammation caused by bacteria, enlarged oil glands, and hormones.

Problem: Hormones causing pimples: Foods that have been injected with hormones. Also possibly IUDs can affect hormones.

Solution: Eat farm-raised organic foods only. Removed IUDs and try a different method of birth control instead.

Problem: Inflammation because of stress: Being stressed long periods of time can cause cortisol which triggers inflammation that leads to flare-ups.

Solution: Learn to deal with stress better. Breathing exercises can help, or if possible different surroundings may be in order.

Problem: Air Pollution: Debris in the air can sit on your face causing your pores to clog which causes zits.

Solution: Block it by using a skincare product that has vitamin C.

Problem: Overuse of beauty products.

Solution: Use beauty products sparingly and use natural mineral-based beauty products such as Savvy Minerals by YL.

Problem: Your diet: Eating sugary junk and things like French fries (bummer) and certain dairy products.

Solution: Try drinking hormone-free milk. I suggest organic grass-fed unpasteurized milk. And skip the junk food and eat natural things that are sweet instead, like honey, or organic dried figs which are as sweet as candy but no processed sugar added.

My daughter who has tried several products swears by the Korean 10 step method to clear facial skin. It has worked for her. Plus I have noticed she is eating a lot healthier which makes a big difference.

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