Using YL Lavender Oil is Like Walking Through a Field of Lavender- So Soothing

Using YL Lavender Oil is Like Walking Through a Field of Lavender- So Soothing










Imagine you are in the middle of an all natural Lavender field and the lavender is at its peak. ready to be picked. You walk through the field slowly, feeling the tops of the lavender with the tips of your fingers as you slowly walk through the field, sometimes closing your eyes softly and inhaling the sweet aroma of Lavender. The aroma is so natural and so soothing, that it helps you relax. That’s what it’s like to use Young Living’s Lavender Essential oil.

Here are some of the ways I’ve used Lavender Essential Oil from Young Living:

  1. I put it on my pillow to inhale it at night. Ahhhh, so good.
  2. I put a few drops on a cotton ball and place it in my fan or air conditioner grid.
  3. I mixed some baking soda and a few drops of lavender in a bowl and mixed it together and used it as a natural carpet deodorizer before vacuuming.
  4. I put some lotion in the middle of my palm and a drop of lavender and rubbed it on my burnt forehead for soothing relief. Ahhhhhh once again. Felt and smelt so good!
  5. I put some drops of lavender on some cotton balls and placed the cotton balls in my clothes closet to refresh it.
  6. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan on trying to make some Lavender Ice cream using Young Livings Lavender Vitality. 
  7. Lavender foaming hand soap from Young Living is great in the kitchen and bathroom. I have one in both that my whole family enjoys using.
  8. Lavender Lip Balm while not one of my personal favorites (I like Grapefruit the best) is one I have tried that you may love.

If you are a Young Living Lavender Essential oil fan and would like to share some ways you have used Lavender Essential oil, please comment below.

If you haven’t tried Lavender Essential oil from Young Living, you are in for a treat!

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