Vodka as an Emergency Supply?

I was reading in Outdoor Magazine Decembers edition and one of the articles I got a good kick out of and actually agreed with them was using Vodka (80% proof) as an Emergency supply. At first, I thought the article was joking around, but they listed some very real uses for Vodka in an emergency situation and I’ll list them here too:

  • A nightcap
  • Jet lag
  • To soothe a sore throat
  • A splash of vodka on the forehead will lower a fever
  • Use it on a blister on your foot
  • Stinky running shoes. Someone near you stinks? Rub vodka under your nose.
  • Eaten something upsetting a shot or two of Vodka might help. Sir Richard Francis Burton claimed to survived the parasite illnesses that killed all his explorer friends because Burton drank like a fish.
  • Humanely kill fish by pouring it over their gills.
  • Spritz some vodka into the air to keep mosquitoes and black flies away. Vodka repels insects.

There you have it, folks. Some really good uses for Vodka in your emergency kit.



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