What I Believe/My Mission







Our mission is threefold:

  1. Living a life being rich financially and in all aspects healthy.  Offering hope to millions of people throughout the world through the Young Living Essential Oils products. To see toxic everyday household & personal products that could be impacting our health in a negative aspect replaced by Essential oils and other Young Living products that have no negative side effects and are all natural, eliminating toxins from households around the World.
  2. To provide a business model that gives you the opportunity to build a large customer base and a team of Independent distributors allowing you to create a residual income stream. (No guarantee of income stated or implied). See income disclosure: http://dexterdblack.com/disclosures/

3. To create a non-profit self-sustaining farm in the Philippines to help single moms and their children. To start with this farm will get off the ground with profits made from my Independent Young Living business. I see thousands upon thousands of Filipino’s and others joining me in business to create an income stream that will provide the necessary funds to start and sustain the farm.  Once established, there will be a mixture of housing for rent and free (to the mothers who work the farm, and some employees with reduced rents). The farm will be self-sustaining in the rents collected from the housing and the produce that is grown and harvested for sale in the marketplace. All proceeds will go back into the non-profit creating a way to help single moms and their children until they have been there for a maximum of five years. At that point, they would have a choice of becoming an employee of the farm if there are any openings or to use their skills elsewhere in the marketplace.

Eventually, I see the farm offering a hands-on trade school to learn different skills for single mothers to increase their abilities to offer in the marketplace making them stronger and independent.

Our Vision:

To see lives changed, in the world in which we live to become a better place.

It is my hope that this vision becomes your vision also.


I believe that life has more to offer us than most are aware of. Living a life of being Rich and Healthy means being able to physically do what You want to do. When your mind wants to do something and your body says “No” that is a major red flag to pay attention to. We want to be healthy and should be healthy. If you are over 40 years of age, do not buy the lie that just because you are over 40, you are over the hill. There are plenty of examples of people that are over 40 and DO live a life of being rich and having a healthy lifestyle. So Can You! It’s why I named this blog Rich and Healthy You. I believe every one of us can live a rich and healthy life if we put our minds to it.

Also, I believe that Living a Life of being rich and healthy means being rich enough to say “Yes” to whatever that “something” is to you. A new dress may mean a great time out with your husband. Or a new car may mean to you that you are successful (or at least makes you feel safe, not having to drive around an old car that may break down at any moment).  A college fund for your children may mean security and be able to give your kids a good start in life. Or you may be reaching your Golden Years and you just need to supplement your Social Security Income to be able to travel and live the way you really want. All these things we want to say “Yes” to, and we should be able to say “Yes” to them in my opinion. I’ve learned that this world is full of beauty and abundance, and it’s there for our taking when we align our lives up to receive it. I believe anyone who really wants to be rich can be. (Again, when I say “rich” that can mean a lot of different things to different people. Rich to you may mean an extra $500 a month, while rich to another may mean $5000 more a week).

Let’s talk about looks. We don’t want to appear shallow or vain, but most of us if we are truthful with ourselves, we want to look good, attractive, and most importantly, healthy. God sure does make the males in nature beautiful with their dazzling colors. Why not us men and women, as people too? There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. That to me is part of Living of being Rich and Healthy.  Yes, of course, the outside of us gets old, and if the outside beauty is all we are concerned with, then we are shallow and vain because true beauty starts within. So this takes us to our next point of Rich and Healthy You –

Inner Improvement: I believe in the Japanese word “Kaizen” which means to improve upon yourself every day. Manners, knowledge, giving to others, etc, etc. can be, and must be applied every day of our lives.

Emotionally Healthy: If we are insecure when there is no reason to be, we are not emotionally healthy. A healthy self-image is a good thing! Ongoing depression, fear, hopelessness, all these things are the opposite of Living a Life of Vitality. We CAN get our emotions balanced in a positive light through all the things I talk about here in this blog. There are essential oils to help with emotional support. Mixed with positive self-affirmations, prayer, and believing the truth, all work together to create a healthy emotional state of being.

Spiritually: Last, but perhaps should be first is to pay attention to our spirit. No, not our emotions, but our spirit. Every human being on the face of this earth has a spirit that will live way beyond physical life. To live a life of true vitality is to have a spiritual life. Not just for the hereafter, but for here and now. Spiritual things are first before the physical. Most of the time we have it backward and we are paying more attention to the things we sense and can detect. Smell, taste, touch, sight. The truth is, there is a reality that is first, and that is Spirit. The Bible says God is a spirit and that God spoke everything into existence. So you see, spirit came first and then the elements.

I believe that Essential oils and oil infused products from Young Living can contribute to all these points of making a Rich and Healthy You.

We are wonderfully made and it’s up to us to keep it that way. It’s my desire to help you do just that. I’m on this journey called “life” with you. Let’s do it together!

May your days be filled with good health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love,






Dexter D Black