What To Do About Dry Skin

If you’re anything like me during the winter months is when I notice dry and itchy skin.

I’ll list a few tips here to help with the solution:

Fighting dry, itch red skin doesn’t end with moisturizer. According to Dermatologist Ranella Hirsch there are things you can to get more comfortable in your skin.

  • Run a humidifier in your bedroom and office. Putting water into the air is also putting hydration into your skin.
  • Go fragrance-free on laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid. “Just like with your bath soap, you don’t want any added ingredients that are drying.”

Photo by: Teddy Kelley teddykelley.smugmug.com

  • Wear breathable fabrics. “If you wear an itchy sweater, put a cotton shirt of a carrisole under it.”
  • Keep showers short and avoid extreme temperatures. Very hot or very cold showers dry your skin. The longer you stay in the water, the worse off you’ll be. Try quick, lukewarm showers.
  • In the shower, use gentle, fragrance-free cleansers. “scented products tend to strip and dry the skin.”  Make sure the product label says “fragrance free” rather than “unscented.” What is the difference? Fragrance-free products have no ingredients added to them to give them an aroma. Unscented products may contain the same ingredients as the scented products plus an additional ingredient to mask the smell. You won’t smell the fragrance but your skin will still get the drying effects.
  • Lightly pat yourself dry after your shower, and apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Moisturizers don’t moisturize. They seal in moisture that is already there. It doesn’t add any.
  • Remember the sun screen to help prevent sun damage

If none of the above help, it might be time to see a dermatologist.







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